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In the wee hours of the morning, a group of 20-somethings returns from their party to discover Rayne in distress. Prince, looking bleary-eyed, becomes the center of attention when he is accused of making advances on Rayne. However, Prince claims he has no memory of the incident and is unable to defend himself. Despite the situation, influencer Rayne refuses to involve the police, leading to tensions rising. Romeo takes matters into his own hands and kicks Prince out of the house.

Meanwhile, Joel is concerned about Leela taking on too much responsibility with the gym and her new career plans. Trying to be supportive, Leela surprises Joel by advancing his firefighter trial and arranging a picnic in the park with Ste to celebrate his bright future. However, Joel continues to ignore his health issues, which worries those close to him. During the picnic, Ste opens up to Leela about a deleted video involving Juliet, and Sharon urges Joel to confront his condition.

The entire community is taken aback when Donna Marie experiences a relapse. James accuses her of prioritizing herself over Juliet and decides to kick her out of the flat. This sparks a confrontation between Ste and James, as it seems James is on a self-destructive path and vows to seek revenge on the McQueens.

Meanwhile, Maxine finds herself infatuated with Beau but is hesitant to make a move. Fortunately, Scott steps in to play matchmaker and arranges for Beau to attend Maxine’s self-defense course at the gym. As fate would have it, Scott finds an excuse to leave them together, and the two end up going on a hike together for the Earl of Dee awards.

By Eastieoaks

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