Next week in Hollyoaks, the aftermath of the harrowing incident at Rayne and Nadira’s home takes center stage, as tensions escalate and secrets come to light. Rayne’s decision not to involve the police adds another layer of complexity to the situation, causing a rift between her and Romeo.

Refusing to go to the police, Rayne accuses Romeo of ‘victim blaming,’ leaving him devastated and confused. Romeo finds himself in a difficult position as he grapples with Rayne’s accusation, struggling to understand her perspective and justify his actions. The situation further complicates the relationship between the two, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as they wonder what the future holds for them.

Nadira, on the other hand, stands firmly by Rayne’s side, providing unwavering support despite the challenges they face. As the couple navigates the aftermath of the traumatic event, Nadira finds herself torn between her loyalty to Rayne and her understanding of Romeo’s intentions.

A chance encounter between Romeo and Prince adds more fuel to the fire, as Romeo reveals shocking details about finding Rayne self-harming, drawing a parallel to Lily’s past struggles. Prince vehemently denies any involvement in harming Rayne and pleads with Romeo to believe him. The situation escalates as the Nightingale family’s shadow looms large, threatening serious harm to Prince.

Feeling trapped and desperate for support, Prince confides in Hunter about the accusations against him. He is terrified of the potential consequences and begins to delve into his past with Lily, hoping to find clues that might help him remember the events of that fateful night. However, Prince’s memory block proves to be a significant hurdle in unraveling the truth, leaving him deeply unsettled and anxious about what lies ahead.

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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