Next week on Hollyoaks, Joel finds himself caught in a dangerous web of secrets and manipulation, as Donna Marie’s knowledge of his hidden truth puts him in a difficult position. Meanwhile, relationships are put to the test as a fire breaks out at The Lomaxes, leading to unexpected consequences.

Donna Marie, desperate to get her hands on drugs, believes that using Joel’s secret as leverage will help her achieve her goal. She approaches Joel, convinced that she can blackmail him into assisting her. However, Joel stands firm, insisting that he’s not being blackmailed. He seeks support from Sharon, who understands his desire for privacy regarding his diagnosis. Joel opens up about his fears concerning his father Warren and his new girlfriend Leela discovering the truth.

As Donna Marie’s desperation grows, she resorts to begging Joel to help her purchase drugs, promising to keep his secret in return. The situation becomes increasingly precarious as the stakes rise, leaving Joel torn between protecting his secret and dealing with Donna Marie’s demands.

Amidst the chaos, disaster strikes when The Lomaxes face a dangerous fire. Joel, being at the right place at the right time, spots the flames and immediately calls for help. In a brave act, he manages to rescue Donna Marie from the burning building, earning both admiration and heartbreak from those around him.

At the hospital, Leela is impressed by Joel’s heroic actions, while Romeo is left heartbroken, likely due to his feelings for Donna Marie. James, however, remains indifferent to the situation, keeping his true emotions hidden. Sharon, concerned about the impact of these events on Joel’s relationship with Leela, urges him to have an honest conversation with her.

As Donna Marie receives treatment for smoke inhalation, she tries to explain her relapse, further complicating matters for everyone involved. Tensions reach a boiling point when Joel gives Leela an ultimatum – either choose to stand by him, knowing his secret, or walk away.

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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