In this week’s Fair City, tensions rise as Damien finds himself entangled in more money troubles. Meanwhile, Cass is still reeling from recent events, and Mairead discovers that she has a formidable adversary.

On Tuesday, Mairead takes matters into her own hands and believes she has identified the source of her torment. However, her impulsive actions may lead to unforeseen consequences. Alex tries to lift Cass’s spirits, but his efforts don’t quite hit the mark. Additionally, Jess dismisses Bab’s suspicions about the cause of her recent dizzy spells, leaving everyone guessing.

As the week progresses, Damien is taken aback by Mairead’s shocking decision, which could further complicate their already tumultuous situation. Jess is confronted with a challenging dilemma that forces her to make a tough choice. Meanwhile, Cass hatches a plan to deal with his troubles.

By Friday, the drama intensifies when McCabe makes a disturbing claim concerning Mairead. Jess receives alarming news that leaves her deeply concerned. In the midst of the chaos, Cass seeks Leo’s help in executing his plan.

Fair City airs Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on RTE One and catch up is via the RTE Player

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