This week, Arthur’s attempts to reconcile Rishi and Jai before the wedding take a turn, leaving Rishi in despair. Jai is shocked when his mother, Georgia, unexpectedly arrives, but their reunion quickly spirals into anger as unresolved issues resurface.

Laurel desperately tries to mend the family’s rift, but Jai’s emotions remain unreadable. A drunken Rishi’s hurtful comment about Laurel’s past abortion infuriates Georgia, adding fuel to the fire.

As the wedding day dawns, Laurel stuns in her wedding dress, but Rishi and Georgia’s arrival disrupts the joyous occasion. Rishi drops a bombshell about Jai’s real father, leaving Jai in disbelief.

Tensions escalate, resulting in a heated argument, and Rishi storms out. Despite the chaos, Jai allows them both to attend the wedding. As the ceremony begins, Rishi’s absence leaves Jai full of regret.

Costume designer Ian Holmes revealed: ‘The hat was made by costume and it’s on a band, so it slips in, and we pin it if we need to secure it.’ (Picture: ITV)

It’s great, as we are asked our thoughts when it comes to things like weddings – but I’ll always delegate to the crew because they are the experts,” Charlotte Bellamy, who plays bride-to-be Laurel says. “I can give my opinion, but I would never go, ‘She should have this!’ It’s nice to collaborate.”

“We do get excited when we have a wedding coming up – we start talking about it as soon as we know about it, so when it arrives we have an idea of what we’re thinking,” says costume designer Ian Holmes (who spoke to Inside Soap).

Charlotte was a big fan of her wedding look, but with only one version of the dress – often stunts or tricky scenes mean there are a few copies in case of damage – she had to be very careful.

“If I drop my lunch down it, we’re in trouble!” she laughs. “I’m not allowed to do anything in my dress. I’m not even allowed to breathe, I think!”

Christopher Bisson (Jai) and Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel) chat through the scene ahead (Picture: ITV)
Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel) in makeup (Picture: ITV)
Christopher Bisson (Jai) and Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana (Suni) prepare for a scene (Picture: ITV)

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