Monday, July 24th, 2023 on BBC Scotland at 10:00pm

In tonight’s gripping episode of River City, Poppy’s gambling addiction reaches dangerous new heights. Temptation lures her in when Ash asks her to handle his DJing fees for Spiller and Son, but with her funds depleted, she resorts to stealing from the agency coffers. Her reckless gambling leaves her with nothing but lies and debt.

At the Tall Ship, Caitlin senses that something is amiss with Poppy, who fabricates a story of being mugged while trying to deposit money at the bank. While Sam appears to believe her, Caitlin remains skeptical.

Back at Spiller and Son, Sam’s support for Poppy wavers as more money goes missing. He presses her for the truth, and she confesses her debt to her ex-boyfriend. Sam is torn between supporting his girlfriend and revealing her deceit to Stevie.

Meanwhile, Nicole feels rejected by both Alex and Tyler. Alex prioritizes his relationship with Karen, while Tyler keeps Nicole a secret from his family, leaving her hurt and confused.

Nicole’s heartbreak intensifies when Alex ends their arrangement for good, and tensions rise as Maggie prepares for a driving lesson with Sonny, who is battling illness. Lou steps in to help, bringing unexpected twists to the unfolding drama.

By Eastieoaks

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