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Stevie is determined to get to the bottom of the financial black hole in their company. Confronting Sam about the missing money, Stevie demands answers. Worried about the consequences, Sam assures Stevie that he will handle the situation and attempts to buy some time. In a desperate move, he summons Poppy, the person responsible for replacing the money, and sets an ultimatum. Sam wants the money back today or else he’ll reveal the truth to Poppy’s boyfriend.

Poppy surprises Sam by stepping up and returning the missing funds, claiming she obtained a payday loan to cover the gap. However, Sam soon begins to suspect that there’s more to the story, and he pieces together the truth. It turns out that Poppy is a gambler, and the money she returned was not from a legitimate source. Threatening to expose her secret to Stevie, Poppy is forced to come clean about her addiction. Despite her pleas for secrecy, Sam is left questioning whether he can trust Poppy’s assurances that she has everything under control.

Elsewhere, Maggie is disheartened to discover that Lydia initially decided not to attend her counseling session. With Maggie’s support and encouragement, Lydia reconsiders but insists that Maggie accompanies her. During the session, Lydia opens up about her struggles and speaks positively about her future plans and seeking justice. However, their hopes of pursuing a civil action against Andrew, who is believed to be responsible for Lydia’s troubles, are crushed when Amber intervenes. Amber doesn’t think her mother will stand a chance against the esteemed lawyer in court.

Meanwhile, Scarlett’s excitement about Andrew’s legal accolade takes a hit when she realizes the awards evening clashes with a gig she promised to take Madonna to. Wanting to make it up to Madonna, Scarlett asks Mikey to accompany her to the event instead. While Madonna is thrilled to attend with Mikey, she can’t help but feel disappointed that her mother chose not to go with her. On the other hand, Andrew secretly revels in Scarlett’s decision to prioritize him over her family once again.

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