Award-winning motoring journalist Charlie Vowden meets owners and assesses how to keep their drives alive. Together with old and new school mechanics Derek Drinkwater and Hannah Gordon, Freya Read the trimmer, and bodywork specialist Jerilee Quintana, the Repair Lot team are on a mission to put any classic car, in any condition, back on the road.

The iconic Dodge Charger is a film star car with a massive screen presence in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise and the famous Bullitt car chase. However, the Dodge heading into the workshop has lost its star quality. In the past its owner used the car to raise money for charity by offering dream rides, but now it’s in a nightmare state and off the road. It needs a completely retrimmed interior, with a modern upgrade in burgundy leather. The massive V8 engine hasn’t run in years and the team troubleshoot the fuel system to find the fault and give the car back its awesome roar.

Dodge Charge and Baja Bug: A Dodge Charger gets a complete interior transformation and engine work, while a globetrotting VW Baja desert racer a new lease of offroad life. (Picture: UKTV)

Also in the workshop is a globetrotting VW Beetle which has been re-imagined as a Baja desert racer. It’s been driven to the Himalayas and back, but now it can’t get twenty minutes down the road without breaking down. Can the workshop crew get the Baja running again and build a bespoke cage for its thrill-seeking owner?

Repair Lot airs at 6pm on Dave, Catch up on UKTV Play.

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