The very first series of Doctors on BBC One ran for 41 episodes between March 26 and May 19 2000. The Drama Channel will rerun the series, from the start, for the first time since UKTV GOLD aired it many years ago.

S1E1 – Letting Go (26 March 2000)
Alzheimer’s destroys a loving couple’s life.

S1E2 – Coming and Going (27 March 2000)
Rawlings suspects a wife of committing a mercy killing.

S1E3 – Crushed (28 March 2000)
A couple face a dilemma over their unborn baby.

S1E4 – All That Glitters (29 March 2000)
The surgery is faced with a stubborn patient.

S1E5 – Life in a Day (30 March 2000)
The surgery gets an unexpected delivery.

S1E6 – Picking Up The Pieces (31 March 2000)
An overanxious mother is proved right.

S1E7 – God’s Will (3 April 2000)
How does a doctor choose between a patient’s life and their beliefs?

S1E8 – Confidential Information (4 April 2000)
Family loyalties are put to the test.

S1E9 – Rub of the Green (5 April 2000)
Comedian Gareth Hale guest stars as Mac’s best friend Des, who is about to come between him and Rana.

S1E10 – The Mourning After (6 April 2000)
Dr Rawlings returns to the Riverside surgery after the tragic death of his wife.

S1E11 – Second Fiddle (7 April 2000)
A country singer battles to save her voice and her relationship, and brotherly love is put to the test by a barber.

S1E12 – Clear View (10 April 2000)
Hindsight is a luxury that even doctors can’t afford…

S1E13 – Sex Lies and Red Tape (11 April 2000)
Career and romantic rivalries lead to tension in the workplace.

S1E14 – Cheated (12 April 2000)
Twin brothers take their gambling addiction too far.

S1E15 – Game Over (13 April 2000)
There’s a surprise in store when a teenage girl is treated for stomach pains.

S1E16 – Good To Talk (14 April 2000)
A man who stutters learns to cope with his problem, and two pensioners learn that competition isn’t always healthy.

S1E17 – A Matter of the Community (17 April 2000)
A detective asks for evidence that might convict a mugger of murder.

S1E18 – Mum’s The Word (18 April 2000)
A home visit uncovers domestic violence.

S1E19 – Under Pressure (19 April 2000)
A diabetic teenager takes a risk when he ignores some warnings.

S1E20 – Abide With Me (20 April 2000)
In a continuation of the very first episode, a couple face up to the harsh realities of living with Alzheimer’s.

S1E21 – Love Is A Drug (21 April 2000)
Drugs can enhance a patient’s life, but what if the drug is illegal?

S1E22 – Control (24 April 2000)
A teenage boy needs help after confessing that he has bulimia, and is Kate pregnant?

S1E23 – Second Chance (25 April 2000)
A young football player’s dreams are shattered.

S1E24 – Sins of the Mother (26 April 2000)
A girl and her father are baffled as to how she contracted hepatitis.

S1E25 – Late Action Hero (27 April 2000)
Rana fails to turn up for work and angers Caroline, but he has a more than worthy excuse when he does appear…

S1E26 – Giving It Up (28 April 2000)
A pop singer learns that there’s more to life than stardom, and Mac encourages the staff to attend a gym.

S1E27 – Loose Ends (1 May 2000)
Romance blooms in the waiting room, but the morning after brings regrets for another couple.

S1E28 – With Friends Like These (2 May 2000)
A stir is created by a generous bequest.

S1E29 – Catch 22 (3 May 2000)
Dr Thompson has to solve a riddle to get to the bottom of a child’s hyperactivity, and Mac is thrust into a factory strike.

S1E30 – Damage Limitation (4 May 2000)
A couple seek marriage counselling, and Joanna and Anoushka come to the aid of an alcoholic.

S1E31 – Choices (5 May 2000)
A mother must make a life or death decision to obtain the chance of a longer life.

S1E32 – Twist of Fate (8 May 2000)
A couple’s chance of happiness is snatched away.

S1E33 – A Helping Hand (9 May 2000)
A patient accuses one of the doctors of causing her husband’s death.

S1E34 – A Woman’s Right to Choose (10 May 2000)
A patient of Helen’s has to choose between her own sight and the life of her baby.

S1E35 – Slim Chance (11 May 2000)
A doctor races against the clock to save a life.

S1E36 – False Alarm (12 May 2000)
A suspected abuse case turns out to be deceptive.

S1E37 – Taking Stock (15 May 2000)
The practice is broken into.

S1E38 – Never Walk Alone (16 May 2000)
A disabled patient causes concern as a doctor doubts his diagnosis.

S1E39 – Running Costs (17 May 2000)
A talented teenage athlete’s chances of success are foiled by an injury.

S1E40 – Baby Love (18 May 2000)
A couple have to learn to face up to reality.

S1E41 – To Have and to Hold (19 May 2000)
An older couple demonstrate their true love for each other while someone faces the consequence of a reckless mistake.

Classic Doctors starts on Drama Channel from 8am on Monday August 14 and you can catch up via UKTV Play.

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