As we return to Letherbridge, the tensions between fan-favorite couple Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) and Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) have reached a boiling point, can this relationship be salvaged?

Zara returns home to an unexpected sight: Daniel is drowning his sorrows in alcohol. The atmosphere is tense, but Zara attempts to lighten the mood by surprising them both with a takeaway curry. However, it’s clear that something is amiss as she senses Daniel’s troubled behavior and excessive drinking.

Zara’s concern for Daniel’s well-being is palpable, but he suggests they unwind by watching something on TV. She is relieved, hoping to distract him from his apparent distress.

His actions don’t have the desired outcome, and Zara is left furious. However, she then realizes how upset he is.

Zara attempts to shed light on her recent behavior, haunted by the aftermath of the explosion she was caught up in earlier this year. However, Daniel struggles to comprehend her reasons for keeping things from him, leading to another argument between the two.

Things are not better at work, and the atmosphere is frosty when Zara finds out that Daniel has swapped shifts with Al to cover the evening surgery. Despite her best efforts, it’s clear that he isn’t in the mood to talk.

Later, after a spate of trouble at The Mill, Zara thanks Daniel for his support, but he’s still not ready to open up to her.

Will things ever get better between the couple?

Doctors returns to BBC One on Monday September 4 at 13:45

By Eastieoaks

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