The normally calm atmosphere in The Mill is broken and the team are left dealing with the actions of a very angry patient and her husband.

Frankie Sharp (Andrea Mason) needs to renew a prescription, but Kirsty (Kiruna Stamell) says she needs to come in and see a doctor for a medical review. Frankie is furious when she’s told the next appointment is in two weeks and lets Kirsty know.

However, Frankie arrives back at The Mill, determined to see a doctor. Scarlett (Kia Pegg) realises that she was the same patient who gaveKirsty a hard time and tells her that she will have to wait and see if Dr Haskey can find the time to fit her in.

Later, in the aftermath of Frankie’s visit, Kirsty is concerned the Scarlett has returned to work too soon, but she just wants to move on.

At the Campus Surgery, Nina (Wendi Peters) meets Barry Biglow (David Perks), Rosie (Janice Connolly) has asked him to help them out with security after all the trouble at The Mill. Barry draws up a plan for future security, but it doesn’t go down well with the partners.

Daniel (Matthew Chambers) and Zara (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) check in with Al (Ian Midlane) and Scarlett. The pair both just want to getback to normal and not involve the police. At a staff meeting, concerns are raised about the level of security.

Rosie persuades Barry to give her and Nina some lessons in self-defence which don’t quite go to plan…

Nina isn’t impressed when Rosie asks Barry to search the patients before sending them in to see her. Realising that Rosie was genuinely worried, Nina shares her own technique for protecting herself.

There is more trouble later when Frankie is back at The Mill, and this time she’s brought her husband Vic (Neil Sheffield). Kirsty quickly realises who they are and alerts Bear (Dex Lee). He and Al confront them in reception, but Vic and Frankie are not in the mood to listen, they’ve even brought a big friend for backup.

In Bear’s office, it’s clear that Frankie hasn’t told Vic everything that went on during her last visit to The Mill. Things get heated, and Bear puts a call in to Claudia (Kiza Deen).

Again, not wanting the police involved, Al insists to Claudia that he doesn’t want to make a statement.

Doctors air these scenes from Monday September 4 on BBC One

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