Coronation Street

Cassie starts her first day at the garage, but she is secretly dealing with a drug dealer named Dean. Abi grows suspicious of Cassie’s behavior when she catches her stealing money from the petty cash. Meanwhile, Tyrone asks Cassie to buy new boots for Ruby’s party but unknowingly gives her money that she uses to purchase drugs from Dean. The party begins, but tensions rise when Abi reveals to everyone that Cassie owes money to a dangerous drug dealer. In a shocking turn of events, Cassie overdoses and is rushed to the hospital. Will she survive?


Lydia hands in her resignation but falters when Craig emphasises how much their recent connection has meant to him. She takes back her resignation but worries if she’s making the right call.

Soon, Craig reveals his true feelings for Lydia and she’s terrified when he begins to force himself on her. In a state of utter shock after being raped by Craig, Lydia’s unable to process what has just happened to her.


Darren asks Shing Lin to call Charlie to see where he is, she makes an excuse and says it’ll have to wait until after school thinking Charlie might just need some breathing space. Shing Lin receives a picture of the beach from Charlie and shows Darren. Darren manages to get in touch with Charlie but concerned him and Tony rush to find him. In emotional scenes, Charlie walks into the sea with flashbacks of happy memories from his childhood with Darren always being there…


Frankie Sharp (Andrea Mason) needs to renew a prescription, but Kirsty (Kiruna Stamell) says she needs to come in and see a doctor for a medical review. Frankie is furious when she’s told the next appointment is in two weeks and lets Kirsty know. However, Frankie arrives back at The Mill, determined to see a doctor. Scarlett (Kia Pegg) realises that she was the same patient who gave Kirsty a hard time and tells her that she will have to wait and see if Dr Haskey can find the time to fit her in. Later, in the aftermath of Frankie’s visit, Kirsty is concerned the Scarlett has returned to work too soon, but she just wants to move on.

Doctors airs on Monday – Thursday on BBC One at 13:45

Emmerdale airs Monday – Friday from 19:30 on ITV1 and Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:00

Hollyoaks airs Monday – Friday at 18:30 on Channel 4

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