Darren tells Charlie that Hollyoaks High have agreed to let him redo his year but the teen refuses to go back. Darren pulls in Dillon and Shing Lin to try and persuade Charlie to come out of his room but it’s to no avail.

Before Charlie manages to reach the band practise room, he is hit with an anxiety attack. Shing Lin receives some concerning texts from Charlie, so she calls Darren.

Darren and Tony force their way into Charlie’s room and discover the wall full of dark lyrics. Charlie returns and pushes them out.

Darren is struggling with knowing how to handle Charlie. On his way to school Charlie has another anxiety attack. Tony tells Darren that Charlie’s lyrics looks like a cry for help and suggests he goes to let his son know he’s listening. Darren asks Shing Lin to call Charlie to see where he is, she makes an excuse and says it’ll have to wait until after school thinking Charlie might just need some breathing space.

Shing Lin receives a picture of the beach from Charlie and shows Darren. Darren manages to get in touch with Charlie but concerned him and Tony rush to find him.

In emotional scenes, Charlie walks into the sea with flashbacks of happy memories from his childhood with Darren always being there… Darren and Tony arrive to the beach.. Is it already too late?

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday September 4 on Channel 4 at 18:30

By Eastieoaks

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