Mercedes puts her relationship with Felix at risk by getting involved with Warren Fox. Felix wants to take their relationship to the next level, but Mercedes is torn between him and her destructive behavior.

Felix’s mental health struggles escalate as he turns to underground fighting. Warren tries to help Felix as his actions become increasingly concerning. His mental health struggles come to a head this September when Felix heads to a quarry feeling disconnected from his loved ones, but will Warren talk sense into him?

Can Warren reach out to Felix and help him before it’s too late?

Peri suspects that Rayne’s tragic backstory may not be true. Her investigation uncovers a disturbing secret, leading to a dangerous situation.

Rayne’s lies catch up with her as she hosts a pool party at a mansion. Will the truth be exposed?

Rayne tries to impress talent agent Faye Fuller, but Faye’s patience starts to wear thin.

Romeo is manipulated by Rayne, causing a rift between him and his loved ones. He wants to make things right with everyone.

Will the pool party take a nosedise when Rayne’s lies start catching up with her?

Mikey Starke, known from Brookside, returns to Hollyoaks as a cabbie.

Pearl becomes concerned about Mercedes’ treatment of Felix and worries about his well-being.

Nadira is hiding a secret from her new partner, Lacey. A game of murder mystery may reveal unexpected revelations.

Will Felix fall to the same fate as Mercedes other husbands?
Our favourite cabbie is back (Pictures: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks airs at 18:30 on Channel 4 from Monday to Friday

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