Darren receives news that Hollyoaks High has allowed Charlie to redo his year, but the troubled teen refuses to return. Despite efforts from Darren, Dillon, and Shing Lin to persuade him, Charlie remains in his room. He experiences an anxiety attack before reaching the band practice room. Concerning texts from Charlie prompt Shing Lin to call Darren. Eventually, Darren and Tony force their way into Charlie’s room and discover disturbing lyrics on the wall. When Charlie returns, he pushes them out, leaving his family deeply concerned.

Later, Darren struggles to handle Charlie’s anxiety, which leads to another anxiety attack on Charlie’s way to school. Tony suggests that Charlie’s lyrics may be a cry for help, prompting Darren to reach out to him. However, Shing Lin delays the call, thinking Charlie needs some space. When they receive a picture of the beach from Charlie, Darren and Tony become alarmed and rush to find him. As Charlie walks into the sea, haunted by memories of his childhood with Darren always by his side, will it be too late to save him?

Hunter seeks advice from teacher Beau regarding a video circulating at school. However, things take a turn when Hunter discovers that the girl in the video is the daughter of the new headteacher, Mr. Carter Shepherd. Hunter decides to speak with Carter about the incident, but it leads to a confrontation. Goldie is shocked to discover Carter’s new position, creating a complex situation. Hunter apologizes to DS Zoe and asks for another chance.

However, Carter delivers a threatening message to Hunter about the consequences of social media gossip and his family’s involvement. Hunter confides in Zoe about his past with Neeta, and she comforts him. But an encounter between Hunter, Zoe, and Sally ruins the moment between Hunter and Zoe.

Maxine takes matters into her own hands and posts a video on social media warning people of the upselling she received on visiting Dr Cam.

Faye tries to help Rayne with her career but the TV agent’s interest is distracted by Lizzie, believing she might be a perfect fit for an upcoming promotion leaving Rayne green with envy. Faye offers Rayne some advice, but will the influencer be able to take it on board when it includes being nicer.

Rayne wants in on Lizzie’s promo event. Dave and Sam come to support Lizzie. When Zoe and Hunter bump into Rayne in the village, the DS leaves the influencer with a warning over how she’s treating people. When Rayne overhears Faye offer more work to Lizzie and her family the influencer takes to her social media and shares cruel words about Lizzie’s appearance leaving her agent shocked.

There’s trouble brewing (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Ella receives the DNA results and Norma tells her even if they’re negative, she’d like them to remain friends. Running late for school Ella leaves the unopened results with Norma. Cindy and Dave accompany Ella to Norma’s for lunch and are shocked to discover Ella has taken a DNA test and try to convince her not to open the letter. Warren and Mercedes turn up and the garage owner’s temper rises when he discovers his mum and Ella have gone behind his back.

Later, Norma and Cindy try to track down Ella. With something Norma said playing on Cindy’s mind, she asks Dave if she’s just a rebound to which he reassures her. Lizzie calls a family meeting to confront her dad on what’s going on between him and Cindy. After she discovers Mason was aware of them hooking up, Lizzie is hurt she’s the last to know about them.

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