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Leela tells Joel he’ll smash the exam Donna Marie wakes up in a fog and can’t remember the previous day, having relapsed. Leela vows to not give up on her friend – for Juliet. Joel is less keen – he knows how dependency works. Leela plans an intervention for Donna-Marie. Joel tries to push his fitness task back – he confides in Donna Marie that he used to use drugs – is he trying to convince Donna Marie, she didn’t see him take his vital medicine?

Rayne refuses to go to the police accusing Romeo of ‘victim blaming her’. Nadira struggles with what has happened in their home but backs her 100 per cent. Romeo meets Prince and says he found Rayne self-harming like Lily. Prince pleads his innocence, and he begs for Romeo to believe him as the Nightingale threatens serious harm to him. Prince confides in Hunter – he is terrified of the allegations against him and looks into his past with Lily. He still can’t remember the end of the night.

Maxine insists she wants to go out and let her hair down but savvy Lily worries about her sister. As they head out Diane makes a faux-pas over Maxine’s make-up. Beau tries to reassure Maxine, realising that Lucas’s comment about her scar from Eric upset her.

The McQueen’s continue to rail over Bronzer’s death. Goldie wants to fight back with James. Sally vows to whip the family into shape…

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