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Donna Marie thinks that knowing Joel’s secret is going to help her get drugs. Joel is adamant he’s not being blackmailed. Sharon supports Joel in wanting privacy with his diagnosis. Joel explains his fears over his dad Warren and new girlfriend Leela knowing. Donna Marie begs Joel to help her buy drugs and she will keep his secret….

Warren and Sharon clash and she comforts Goldie about her experience of loss.

Maxine continues to feel insecure about her appearance and shuts her sister Lily out. Scott tries to break through to her, to no avail. Lily is more forceful but Maxine becomes increasingly distressed, but they rally around her.

Goldie talks to Prince about losing Bronzer – he doesn’t tell his mum about the accusations against him. Prince collects his belongings from the house and apologies again. Romeo tells him to get out. Nadira questions Romeo about Prince and the accounts of the night of the alleged attack but Romeo listens to Rayne’s appeal that he doesn’t need anyone in his life but her.

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