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The Lomaxes burns – Joel spots the fire and calls for help. He saves Donna- Marie. At the hospital, Leela is impressed but Romeo is heart-broken. James is indifferent. Sharon urges Joel to talk to Leela. Donna Marie is treated in hospital for smoke inhalation and tries to explain her relapse. Joel gives Leela an ultimatum – her or him.

Maxine gets an appointment for aesthetics for her scar. Scott and Maxine clash as he fails to understand her predicament. Maxine visits a clinic.

Mercedes and Felix rub along happily but Warren worries that Felix is hiding things from her.

Hunter helps Freya with her art and confides in his own past. John Paul worries about Hunter getting so close when he offers to do a drawing of her mum Lexi.

Beau can’t break through to Max. Beau tries Warren for advice…Sharon and Felix have a heart to heart about Warren – Pearl backs her up – she needs some fun away from the drama. Sharon gives Warren a bold proposition. Maxine meets a medic and then asks Beau on a date. Warren follows his instincts and finds chemistry with Sharon.

By Eastieoaks

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