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Felix is pleased for Warren getting together with Sharon and his mate looking happier. They bond but Norma is displeased. Mercedes gives Warren tips on how to wow Sharon. Felix makes his excuses on date night – he has a fight. Pearl gives her daughter some sage advice on Warren.

Donna Marie struggles with her health and Leela misjudges what she has done, Donna Marie talks her into giving her back her phone to see pictures of Juliet… she pledges to find a support worker. Donna Marie gets out and visits Juliet bumping into Diane at the cemetery. She apologises to her for relapsing and Leela stays with Joel.

Felix stands up for Mercedes. Warren pulls out all the stops for date night with Sharon but she has to make her excuses to help a beaten-up Felix. Mercedes heads to Warrens in a rage.

Hunter talks to Zoe about Lexi and she commits to helping and shares stories about her.
They are both surprised by their unexpected new friendship.

Scott gives Beau a pep talk on Maxine. They go on a date and he tells her how he really feels.

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