Monday, July 31st, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Today’s episode of Home and Away, Justin is left shaken and desperate for action after receiving a chilling note from Andrew. Determined to rescue his brother from the clutches of Vita Nova, Justin insists on taking immediate action. However, Leah, always the voice of reason, pleads with Justin to exercise caution and discuss the matter with Cash before making any moves.

When Cash arrives at the Morgan house, he finds Justin absent and learns about the disturbing note. Without wasting any time, Cash heads to the Vita Nova compound, where he confronts Margot and Andrew face to face. Margot, unwavering in her loyalty to the secretive organization, warns Cash that if he doesn’t have a warrant, she’ll report him for trespassing. Reluctantly, Cash retreats from the compound, unaware that Justin is injured and just out of sight.

As Cash reports back to Leah that he couldn’t find any trace of Justin or his car, Justin finds himself taunted by Margot within the Vita Nova compound. In a tense turn of events, Andrew eventually comes to Justin’s rescue, understanding the danger they are both facing. Andrew insists that Justin must escape and never return, even if it means he has to stay behind himself. However, just as it seems Justin might get away unscathed, a sudden arrow to the thigh puts his life in jeopardy. Is Vita Nova’s grip on Justin too tight to break free?

Meanwhile, Xander’s concern and determination to support Kate reach new heights. Despite Mac and Rose’s worries about him getting too involved, Xander reaches out to Kate, wanting to talk and offer his friendship. Kate tries to push him away, feeling like she doesn’t need any more support, but Xander remains steadfast in his decision. He tells her that if she needs a friend, he will always be there for her. Will this blossoming connection between Xander and Kate lead to unexpected developments?

Elsewhere, the unsuspecting residents of Summer Bay remain blissfully unaware that a dangerous situation is unfolding. As the final box from Stunning Organics is delivered to the Bay, hidden within it is a deadly bomb intended for Marilyn. Will anyone realize the danger in time to prevent a catastrophic tragedy?

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