Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

In today’s intense episode of Home and Away, chaos ensues as Justin desperately attempts to escape from Vita Nova, even with an arrow painfully lodged in his thigh. However, his efforts are thwarted when Margot intercepts him, raising the stakes even higher.

Amidst the tense situation, Andrew rushes to Justin’s aid and realizes that he must act quickly. With determination, Andrew manages to pick a lock and secure Justin’s phone. In a heart-wrenching moment, he makes a desperate call to Leah, pleading for her to send help immediately.

Just in the nick of time, Cash and the task force storm the compound, and Andrew leads the paramedics straight to Justin. As the police take Margot into custody, they also seize boxes of crucial evidence that might finally put an end to the cult’s reign of terror.

At the hospital, Justin’s condition takes a turn for the worse as he slips into shock. Bree, ever the hero, rushes to save his life, but the ordeal leaves Andrew deeply affected. Margot, on her way to a psych assessment, unleashes her fury and betrayal on Andrew, leaving him visibly shaken. Luckily, Leah is there to support him and fiercely defends him against Margot’s tirade, even resorting to slapping her across the face.

Meanwhile, Kate finds solace in Xander after a heated argument with Timothy’s mother. However, Bree can’t help but notice the tension between them and shares her concerns with Mac. When Xander dismisses her and later snaps at Mac in Salt, it’s clear that his dedication to supporting Kate will cause some serious tension and conflicts.

Elsewhere, Marilyn is on cloud nine due to the success of her recent social media post against Stunning Organics. Interview requests pour in, and she feels empowered. However, unbeknownst to her, danger lurks around the corner. As Marilyn picks up the final box of cosmetics, she remains blissfully unaware that it contains an explosive device, and she is the intended target.

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