Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

In today’s episode of Home and Away, anticipation reaches fever pitch as Lyrik gears up for the Battle of the Bands. The band is in full rehearsal mode, and their performance is expected to be a showstopper. However, as the big day approaches, tensions rise among the group.

Bree, who is dating Remi, finds herself in a battle of her own. She notices that Mercedes, another member of the band, is vying for Remi’s attention. Although she tries to remain understanding and let Remi focus on the band, she can’t help feeling irked by Mercedes’ advances.

Amidst the brewing tension, Eden steps in to address the issue. She confronts Remi, warning him that he’s neglecting Bree and missing crucial signs right in front of him. Will Remi realize his mistake and make amends with Bree before it’s too late?

On the day of the performance, Theo, another member of the band, is grappling with pre-performance nerves. Justin, recovering in the hospital, offers him much-needed counsel. However, Mercedes doesn’t do much to help Theo with his stage fright, leaving him anxious. Fortunately, Felicity steps in and gives him a stirring pep talk, instilling confidence in him.

As the event unfolds, Bree and Felicity decide to take a break and enjoy Lyrik’s performance on the dance floor. Unaware of the lurking danger, they leave their drinks unattended. A mysterious figure seizes this opportunity and adds something suspicious to Felicity’s drink. Shortly after, Felicity starts feeling woozy and decides to step outside for some fresh air. But her condition worsens, and she ends up collapsing on the stairs, unconscious.

Meanwhile, Marilyn is thrilled to have finally freed herself from Stunning Organics. Little does she know that she has unknowingly handed off a cosmetics box laden with explosives to John. As he embarks on his trip to the tip, carrying the dangerous package, will he manage to survive this unexpected peril?

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