Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

In today’s episode of Home and Away, the aftermath of Battle of the Bands takes a dark and unexpected turn, leaving Lyrik in shock and Felicity in distress.

Lyrik are on cloud nine after delivering an electrifying performance at Battle of the Bands and winning the audience prize. Their joy, however, is dampened by Felicity’s absence. Assuming she has reunited with Tane, the band doesn’t think much of it at first.

Meanwhile, Tane has returned home and is desperately trying to get in touch with Felicity. After repeated attempts to call, he becomes increasingly worried when she doesn’t answer. His concern grows when he reaches out to Eden, and Felicity stirs, only to realize she has been unconscious. Frightened and confused, Felicity wonders what happened to her during her blackout.

When Felicity finally regains consciousness, it becomes evident that something serious has occurred. She collapses, prompting Eden and Bree to rush her to the hospital. In light of the circumstances, Lyrik makes the difficult decision to withdraw from the Battle of the Bands contest.

At the hospital, Felicity musters the courage to share her harrowing experience with her friends. She reveals that she believes she may have been sexually assaulted. Reluctant to involve the police, she agrees to undergo a forensic examination performed by Bree. The emotional toll is immense, and she breaks down in Eden’s arms.

Meanwhile, Remi has broken the devastating news to Tane, who anxiously waits to be reunited with his wife. As Eden consoles Felicity, Tane’s emotions boil over, and he directs his anger towards Eden. She is heartbroken and devastated by Tane’s blame.

As Tane and Eden accompany Felicity home, they are all shattered by the traumatic events that have unfolded. Felicity, struggling to cope, makes a plea to Eden not to inform Cash about what happened. Despite disagreeing with Felicity’s decision, Eden agrees to respect her friend’s wishes.

Will Felicity find the strength to overcome this ordeal, and how will it affect the relationships between Tane, Eden, and the rest of the friends involved?

By Eastieoaks

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