Friday, August 4th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Marilyn receives threatening messages over Stunning Organics saga. John and Roo face a bomb threat while Tane apologizes to Eden. Felicity confides in Cash, receiving support from her loved ones.

In the Stunning Organics saga, Marilyn finds herself targeted by an unknown person sending threats. The individual demands that Marilyn withdraw her accusations within 24 hours. Roo believes the threats are empty and advises Marilyn to report them to the authorities. Roo even responds on Marilyn’s behalf, asserting that she is not intimidated.

However, Marilyn’s relief is short-lived as she receives another threat just as John and Roo are about to handle a box that allegedly contains a bomb. Terrified, Marilyn gets a photo of the explosive device. Meanwhile, Mali rushes after John and Roo in his van, trying to prevent a potential disaster. Fortunately, they manage to stop in time before the van explodes. The question remains: did John and Roo escape unscathed?

Elsewhere, Tane apologizes to Eden for wrongly blaming her for Felicity’s assault. As Tane attempts to encourage Felicity to talk about her experience, Eden remains evasive about the real reason they didn’t win the Battle of the Bands. Felicity emphasizes that Cash must not know about the assault, seeking to keep it a secret.

Eden cautions Felicity that Cash is sensing something is amiss, but Felicity insists on concealing the truth from her brother. However, when Felicity finally musters the courage to confide in Cash about the incident, she is surprised by his supportive reaction. Cash comforts his sister, and Rose accompanies them to the police station so Felicity can make a statement. With the support of her loved ones, Felicity faces the ordeal ahead.

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