Tensions rise as Ste is left fuming when he learns about James’ plan to evict the McQueens from their home during a surprise inspection. The McQueens, however, receive an anonymous tip-off and gear up for James’ unexpected visit. Sally uncovers a crucial piece of information, discovering that they are entitled to 24 hours’ notice before any inspection takes place. Will the McQueens use this to their advantage?

Amind the drama, James confronts Ste about the anonymous tip-off, suspecting him of being the informant.

Meanwhile, Goldie decides to take matters into her own hands and exact revenge on the grudge-holding lawyer. She hatches a cunning plan and informs him that they will be erecting a statue of Bronzer in the village, serving as a constant reminder of the pain he caused by harming her beloved pet.

As if that wasn’t enough, James reaches out to an old acquaintance, someone who owes him a favor and At the McQueens’ residence, Mercedes receives a shocking phone call.

What has James done and will the situation get better before it gets worse?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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