Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023 on BBC One at 7:30pm

Bobby’s attempt to help Freddie sets off a chain of unexpected events. Meanwhile, Gina and Jay have a heart-to-heart, and Anna’s actions bring forth worries for Gina.

Bobby takes it upon himself to aid Freddie in getting a meeting with Graham Foster. Knowing that Graham works at a car dealership, Bobby devises a plan to set up a test drive to get Freddie’s foot in the door. However, the situation takes a surprising turn when Freddie can no longer maintain the facade and admits his true identity to Graham. What consequences will this revelation bring?

Kat, Billy, and Alfie are left worried sick when they discover Freddie is nowhere to be found. Feeling responsible for bringing Freddie into the situation, they demand answers from Bobby. Reluctantly, Bobby divulges Freddie’s whereabouts, leading to concern.

Gina opens up to Jay about her experiences growing up without a mother. As she shares her story, she also imparts valuable advice on how to navigate parenting Lexi. Their conversation allows them to move past the awkwardness from last night.

Gina’s worries resurface when Anna brings up their mother once again. The past appears to haunt Gina.

By Eastieoaks

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