Next week on EastEnders, emotions run high as Jay’s parental hearing approaches. Ben is struggling with feelings of inadequacy and becomes evasive when Billy tries to organize a celebration for him at The Vic that night.

In an attempt to deal with his frustrations, Ben takes his anger out on a gym bag, but George intervenes, advising him to be there for Lexi regardless of his emotions. Despite his initial reluctance, Ben manages to make it to the court hearing, much to Jay’s relief.

However, trouble brews as Honey notices Ben’s troubling behavior around food during their time at The Vic, leading her to follow him home. She tries to get Ben to open up about his struggles, and in a moment of vulnerability, Honey shares her own experiences with bulimia. Unfortunately, Ben is unable to confide in her and lashes out, pushing her away, which leaves him feeling incredibly alone.

The next day, Honey, respecting Ben’s privacy, advises a concerned Callum to approach Ben and try to get him to open up. When Ben sees Callum and Honey together, he becomes agitated and, unaware that Honey is keeping his secret, lashes out at her. Billy and Jay intervene, and Lexi insists that Ben apologize to Honey. The two later go for a coffee, and Honey implores Ben to let Callum into his life.

As it seems that Ben might consider opening up to Callum, a difficult conversation with Phil triggers Ben to engage in self-destructive behavior again, purging to cope with his emotional turmoil. Callum unexpectedly arrives home early and discovers Ben in this vulnerable state, leading to a tense and difficult conversation.

Later in the week, Kat is taken aback to find Ben in a terrible state at the Boxing Den, where he is releasing his emotions through punching a bag. Kat soon learns the reason for Ben’s distress and reveals that she, too, is a survivor of rape, offering her perspective and support to Ben.

Realizing the severity of Ben’s struggles, Kat warns him that he could destroy himself and his loved ones if he doesn’t seek help. Despite his initial reluctance, Ben agrees to attend a support group, with Kat accompanying him for support.

During this tumultuous week, Ben finally starts to open up about his mental trauma during the assessment, with Kat by his side for support. The question remains: when Callum pleads with Ben to let him in and share what’s going on, will Ben finally allow himself to accept help?

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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