Fair City on RTÉ1 8.30pm

On tonight’s installment of Fair City, there’s a lot of Garda activity around Phelan’s, worrying both Mairéad, Renée and Bosco as Garda Ronan makes an allegation that Phelans is selling alcohol to underage people and is requesting footage from the shops CCTV. Is DI McCabe behind this worrying development and will this allegation send Mairéad tethering over the edge?

Meanwhile, in Monastery Avenue Jess isn’t getting much peace at the moment, thanks to the interference of her Mother, insisting she comes clean to Greg about the date of the scan.

Over in the arcade, Dearbhla is on high alert when she notices Zak dodging a mysterious phone call and further sees Zak having a drink with Killo who’s back on the scene, trying to recruit Zak on Aidan’s behalf and taking a photo so she can send to Tommy, leaving Zak swearing he’s on the straight and narrow, will anyone believe him?

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