Zack receives uplifting news on the day that would have been Peach’s due date. He shares the idea of trying for another baby with Whitney while at their daughter’s tree. However, Whitney candidly expresses her unwillingness to pursue having another child, leaving Zack heartbroken. They face a difficult conversation about their future and desires for children, leading to a crucial moment for their relationship. Sharon intervenes after discovering Whitney in tears, confronting Zack about the situation.

Reiss suspects Sonia of cheating, while Sonia is worried about being pregnant. Whitney helps Sonia with a pregnancy test and catches Reiss trying to hack into her phone. A confrontation follows, and Sonia concludes that Reiss wants kids but not with her. Reiss attempts to win Sonia back with charm but only succeeds after being completely honest during a heart-to-heart talk. The couple’s future remains uncertain.

Freddie heads off to see Little Mo, but Kat is worried and reminds him of Little Mo’s protective efforts.

Honey opens up about her bulimia, but Ben distances himself. Feeling isolated, Ben has an emotional breakdown. Kat is surprised to find Ben in distress and shares her own experience as a rape survivor. She supports Ben as he begins to address his mental trauma during an assessment.

Kim seeks Patrick’s help for her ‘Kimfluencer’ video, but their plans are derailed when Yolande, facing relationship troubles, arrives unexpectedly. Patrick is torn about letting her stay, leading to emotional conflicts. Denise intervenes, urging Patrick to express his true feelings before Yolande leaves for good. A crucial conversation at the laundrette will decide their future together.


Fighting a new attraction for Billy, Gabby decides to make an exit and soon reveals she is leaving for Portugal the following morning with Thomas.

Amelia convinces Dan to run away together to escape the impending consequences of his actions. Initially hesitant, Dan eventually agrees and seeks help from Cain. They plan to leave for Ireland secretly, leaving behind Emmerdale and their old life. Doubts linger, questioning if this escape is the best choice and whether Dan should face his past mistakes.

Laurel and Jai’s plans to go to India are jeopardized by Archie’s distress. Chaos ensues when Laurel reveals Archie’s illness, leading to a heated argument with Jai. Laurel decides to join Jai in India to support him, but an unexpected obstacle arises when Colin locks her in a room. As Laurel’s absence raises concerns, Jai and Suni launch a desperate search to find her amidst Colin’s dangerous behavior.

Wendy is trying to move mountains to get close to Bob but realises he is purposely avoiding her. Bernice warns Bob to show Wendy some affection or risk losing her.

Caleb hands Nate over to Corey for training, where Corey offers lucrative side opportunities. Nate impresses a client named Harry, who leaves a generous tip. Nate informs Corey that Caleb doesn’t need to know about their arrangement. Suspecting Corey’s shady dealings, Caleb asks Nate to keep an eye on him. Nate discovers Corey’s illegitimate deal with Harry but agrees to keep it secret for extra money. Hoping for a pay raise, Nate lies to Caleb about Corey’s activities. Nate warns Corey about Caleb’s suspicions to avoid working with Harry, but Corey threatens worse consequences. Tracy is pleased with Nate’s apparent success at work, but the question remains if he can escape this double-dealing dilemma.

Coronation Street

Eliza deceives Yasmeen and Stu by pretending to go to a holiday club. Stu is shocked to discover Eliza with a strange man at the precinct. Eliza shares her fears with Sam about her Mum trying to prevent her from seeing her Dad. Stu contacts Bridget to inform her about Eliza’s communication with her Dad. Stu apologizes to Eliza for his past behavior towards her Dad, but she remains unforgiving. At home, they find Eliza facetiming her Dad, leading to a heated argument.

Lauren’s dad calls, but she ignores it. She confides in Max about missing her dad. Shona arranges a job for Lauren at the café, making her grateful yet anxious. Max promises to support her but gets distracted by Sabrina. A sad Lauren sees them together. Sabrina confesses her feelings for Max but says she won’t pursue a relationship as long as Lauren is in the picture. Max is torn between the two. Eventually, Lauren tells Max and Shona about her permanent job at the café.

Dev returns home to find Bernie setting up a massage table. Bernie reveals that she found it in a skip and plans to use it to earn a bit of cash. What could go wrong?

Rufus’s death report is due out, and his wife Lou suspects foul play. Stephen panics as she mentions involving the Gazette. Later, at the factory, Lou shares her doubts about Rufus’s accidental drug-fueled death. Stephen assures her it was an accident. During Rufus’s memorial, Stephen’s guilt intensifies, and he is caught off guard when incriminating evidence is found in Rufus’s belongings. Lou plans to take this evidence to the police, leaving Stephen horrified.

Shona tells Lauren that she’s got her a job at the café. Lauren’s grateful, but nervous.

River City

In a special episode, Amber considers starting a new life in South Africa with Lou. Fearing history will repeat itself and happiness will always elude her, Amber talks through past relationships with Stevie as they reminisce the good, and bad, times.

In the final episode of the series, emotions run high as Lou confesses her deep guilt over Denise’s death, but Brooke remains determined to seek justice. As tensions escalate, a fatal confrontation ensues, leaving one of them fighting for their life.

Fair City

Fidelma determines to put an end to McCabe’s scheming once and for all.

Tommy’s worry for Zak escalates when he makes a shocking discovery.

Pete wants to save McCoy’s at all costs.


Brooke tries to help Charlie with his anxiety, but Shing Lin’s interference worsens the situation. Brooke becomes worried about Charlie’s suppressed anxiety and encourages him to seek professional help. When Charlie opens up about his struggles, he considers medication for his mental health. Tony steps in to mend things between Charlie and Shing Lin. Finally, Charlie apologizes to Shing Lin for his actions and opens up about the darkness in his mind.

Cindy plans a sweet sixteen party to reconcile with Ella, but things get complicated when Norma proposes a business venture with Warren. Ella’s party is canceled, and secrets start to surface, leading to unexpected confrontations and revelations. Sienna worries about Warren’s involvement with Ella, while Shing Lin shares something important, causing tension among the group.

  • EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm
  • Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1
  • Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1
  • River City airs Monday and Wednesday on BBC Scotland at 10pm
  • Fair City airs Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on RTE One from 7:30pm
  • Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

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