In the upcoming EastEnders episodes, Kim enlists Patrick’s help for her latest ‘Kimfluencer’ video, where he reluctantly offers love advice on camera. However, their filming session is interrupted when a surprise visitor, Yolande, arrives at Patrick’s doorstep. Yolande reveals that her boyfriend, Anton, has kicked her out, and she seeks refuge with Patrick.

Uncertain about the situation, Patrick is hesitant about letting Yolande stay with him. This leads to a heated exchange between them, and Yolande storms off feeling hurt. Meanwhile, Kim wonders why Patrick isn’t fighting to win Yolande back, while Denise tries to persuade Yolande to stay.

After a heartfelt conversation with Yolande, Denise encourages Patrick to seize the opportunity and express his true feelings before Yolande leaves for good. Now faced with a life-changing decision, Patrick must decide whether to open up his heart or let Yolande return to Birmingham and a loveless relationship.

In a pivotal moment, Patrick and Yolande head to the laundrette to have a conversation that could determine their future together. Both reflect on their past and consider whether they are meant to be together or just lingering memories from the past.

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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