In an exciting turn of events, Jack takes the reins in hosting the Earl of Dee survival workshop. To motivate the teens to participate, two coveted VIP tickets for a festival are up for grabs!

However, Tom is skeptical about Jack’s survival skills despite his background as an ex-policeman. To ensure the success of the workshop, Pearl decides to team up with him and co-run the event.

Meanwhile, Lucas confides in Dillon about his clever plan to keep his old phone by submitting a decoy. However, Pearl stumbles upon the phone, leading to a tense situation as she confiscates it. Unfazed, Lucas and Dillon decide to team up to secure the festival tickets, hatching a cunning strategy.

In an attempt to play matchmaker, Lucas and Dillon approach Pearl and reveal that Jack has been secretly admiring her. Encouraging her to take a bold step, they suggest she ask Jack out on a date.

Later, at the park, Lucas and Dillon eagerly await as Pearl prepares to approach Jack. But will their plan go smoothly, or will unexpected twists unfold?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

By Eastieoaks

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