Fair City – Tuesday August 08th 2023 – RTÉ1 – 8pm

There’s tension between the Dillons’, as Zak learns from Killo that he’s doing a job for Aidan and changes the passwords to the business accounts leaving both Tommy and Dearbhla fearing the worst. Events take a dark turn when Gar’s gym gets burgled causing a lot of stress for Dearbhla, is Zak behind this?

Over in Phelan’s, Damien and Mairéad pressures Fidelma on answers about McCabe and reminds them she must follow protocols leaving an incident that causes shockwaves throughout Carrigstown.

Meanwhile, in Monastery Avenue Jess is taken aback when Babs invites Greg to move into the house, leaving Ruby’s nose well and truly put out of joint causing friction between Jess and Babs.

Thursday – August 10th 2023 – RTÉ1 – 8:30pm

Hughie is concerned when Carol suggests third party investors to buy McCoys. Carol confronts Hayley for inflating the selling price, and Hayley issues Carol with an ultimatum she has until the end of the day to make an offer.

Zak is up to his usual tricks meeting Goo Eyes about the gun drop. He also plays his cool when he is confronted by Fidelma about his time away. Carol gives Zak an alibi for the gym robbery and Tommy urges Dearbhla to apologise to Zak.

Joan is increasingly concerned about Gar that he could be overstretching himself on her behalf and insists he can cope. Doug is annoyed that he misses out on his lunchtime training session at the gym because the gym was closed. A distracted Gar forgets to collect Joan from dialysis.

Friday – August 11th 2023 – RTÉ1 – 7:30pm

Carol forces Tommy that Zak is lying to him and advises to get rid of the gun leading to some dramatic consequences.

There’s a new addition to Carrigstown with the arrival of Gar’s brother Fergal to be interviewed for the job at the gym.

Some members of the community reminisce about the special moments they had spent in McCoys, giving Pete a realisation that he won’t let McCoys be sold to some ruthless and soulless chain and vows to save it. Pete proposes that a consortium buys McCoys to keep it in the community.

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