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Fidelma reviews the CCTV of Phelan’s and notices McCabe being aggressive towards Mairéad, has the truth finally dawn on Fidelma that her mentor and friend McCabe is a master manipulator? She goes to see Damien and Mairéad, and with Mairéad’s OCD now on the verge of relapsing, can she finally be able to get help from people she can trust? A visit from Maxine sheds light on new information that really throws the cat amongst the pigeons and could finally be the ultimate source to bring the downfall of bent copper DI McCabe, it’s only a matter of time now for McCabe to slip up!

Over in Monastery Avenue, Babs is quite alarmed to find that her pregnant daughter Jess is making secret phone calls to Mountjoy Prison, will this be the clue to realise that the baby’s father is in prison?

Meanwhile, relations between Zak, Tommy and Dearbhla are still strained, even though Zak insists he’s not going back to life of crime and is now starting to help Gar in the gym, is this all a big ruse for something sinister down the line? Only time will tell, if Zak is legit!

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