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Felix finds himself caught in a web of lies:

Felix lies to Mercedes, blaming his injuries on boxing to help her family. Upset, Mercedes walks out.

Wanting to make things right:

Cindy, out of the hospital, wants to make amends with Ella. She suggests throwing a sweet sixteen birthday party, and Dave offers to help resolve the tension between them. At home, Cindy reflects on losing the Market and receives support from Dave.

Warren and Norma’s new business:

Warren confronts Norma about a fake job, and she confesses it was to keep him away when Terry Smart was around. Norma proposes starting a legitimate business together, feeling the absence of their daughter Katie. Ethan and Sienna are surprised when Norma and Warren reveal they will be their new business partners. Ella’s party gets canceled with Sienna’s support.

Brooke’s attempt to help Charlie:

Brooke tries to assist Charlie with his anxiety, but the situation escalates when Shing Lin interrupts. Concerned, Brooke worries that Charlie is keeping his anxiety bottled up.

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