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Norma decides to host the sweet sixteenth party at The Loft, even though Warren is initially upset about her going behind his back. Meanwhile, Shing Lin expresses her hurt feelings on the microphone.

James plans to evict the McQueens from their home during a surprise inspection, but the McQueens receive an anonymous tip and are prepared for his visit. Sally discovers that they actually need 24 hours’ notice for an inspection. James confronts Ste, suspecting him of tipping off the McQueens. Goldie, on the other hand, tells James that they will erect a statue of Bronzer in the village as a constant reminder of what he did to her pet.

Darren suggests that Charlie seeks professional help for his issues, but Charlie storms off. Later, Brooke finds Charlie having a panic attack in the village. Charlie opens up to Brooke and expresses his willingness to consider medication for his mental health, much to the relief of Darren.

Dillon and Lucas try to play matchmaker by telling Pearl that Jack has been speaking highly of her. They suggest that Pearl should ask Jack out on a date.

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