Tyrone leaves Evelyn a message to support the girls’ show today at the Bistro. Evelyn and Cassi move into a rented flat, but Evelyn can’t leave Cassi alone. Cassi convinces Evelyn to let her go grab a coffee. Evelyn realizes her purse is missing and worries.

Cassi arrives at the Bistro and Tyrone recognizes her as Cath, James’ friend. Evelyn hurries into the Bistro and hears Cassi reveal that she’s Tyrone’s mom.

Later, Hope and Ruby ask Tyrone about their new Grandma. Evelyn scolds Cassi for causing a mess. Evelyn talks to Tyrone at the garage and explains she wanted to protect him and will tell him the truth about Cassi when she’s clean. Tyrone confides in Kevin and Abi. Abi advises him to think before introducing a recovering addict to the girls.

What will Tyrone decide when he visits the flat in the precinct?

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By Eastieoaks

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