Wednesday 9 August, BBC Scotland at 10.00pm

While Amber mulls over Lou’s proposition, Brooke is stunned to hear about their plans to start a new life in South Africa. Reeling that her nemesis is running away from facing up to her past, Brooke confronts Lou.

With emotions running high, Lou reveals the guilt she feels about Denise’s death still eats away at her but her words fall on deaf ears – Brooke wants justice. Taking matters into her own hands, Brooke makes it clear she’s not willing to let Lou leave without a fight – with the confrontation proving fatal for one of them.

Elsewhere, Lenny reveals to Lydia they’ve found damning evidence against Andrew. Thanks to Mulvaney’s digging into Andrew’s past, they’ve uncovered a past he’d tried to hide – an ex-intern at the law firm who he attacked. Although she signed a water-tight non-disclosure agreement, Lydia is hopeful she’ll talk to her about what happened. By doing so, Lydia believes she’ll regain some control of her life again.

Tyler’s stunned to see Nicole back working at the Jailbirds. While she acts like their argument never happened, Tyler is resolute their relationship is over. However, Nicole isn’t about to let her man slip through her fingers.

River City returns in a new format later this year.

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