Monday 7 August, BBC Scotland at 10.00pm

This week in Shieldinch…in a special episode, Amber considers starting a new life in South Africa with Lou. Fearing history will repeat itself and happiness will always elude her, Amber talks through past relationships with Stevie as they reminisce the good, and bad, times.

With a storm brewing outside, Amber arrives at The Two Jailbirds to go through old items from her time there. Her mind racing with Lou’s offer to relocate to South Africa, Amber’s interrupted by Stevie’s arrival.

She confides in her friend that she’s having doubts about moving away from Shieldinch and starting a new life with Lou. Stevie reminds Amber she’s always lived life to the fullest and questions the real reason for her hesitation.

As Amber looks through boxes from her past, Amber comes across a lucky charm made for her in prison by former cellmate turned stalker, Belinda. Triggering memories, Amber recalls past relationships and life-changing moments.

Amber confesses to Stevie she fears she’s cursed and she’ll never find true happiness. He tells Amber he’s always admired her ability to bounce back after every trauma she’s faced, all the heartbreak she’s encountered. Could a new future for Amber be on the horizon?

By Eastieoaks

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