Amber considers moving to South Africa with Lou. She talks to Stevie about her past relationships and doubts about starting over. While going through old items, Amber reflects on her life and struggles with the idea of finding true happiness. Stevie reminds her of her resilience. Will Amber embrace a new future?

Amber is thinking about starting a fresh life in South Africa with Lou. She’s a bit worried that history will repeat itself and she’ll never find happiness. So, she’s having a heart-to-heart with Stevie, reminiscing about her past relationships—the good and the bad.

Meanwhile, a storm is raging outside as Amber goes through old stuff from her time at The Two Jailbirds. Just as she’s pondering Lou’s offer to relocate, Stevie shows up and interrupts her thoughts.

Amber opens up to her friend, admitting that she’s got some doubts about leaving Shieldinch and starting a new chapter with Lou. Stevie, being the wise friend he is, reminds her that she’s always lived life to the fullest and wonders what’s really holding her back.

While rummaging through boxes of memories, Amber stumbles upon a lucky charm from her former cellmate-turned-stalker, Belinda. It brings back a flood of memories, reminding her of past relationships and life-changing moments.

Amber spills her fears to Stevie, confessing that she’s worried she’s cursed and destined for eternal unhappiness. But Stevie, being the supportive friend he is, points out how amazed he is by her resilience and ability to bounce back from every setback and heartbreak. Is a brighter future in store for Amber? Only time will tell.

River City airs these episodes from Monday, August 7th, 2023 on BBC Scotland

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