Fair City – RTÉ 1 – 7:30pm

Carol forces Tommy to accept that Zak has been lying to him and advises that he gets rid of the gun ASAP. Zak is distraught when Tommy informs him that the gun is now at the bottom of the canal. Zak finds where Tommy has hidden the gun and tries to leave, leading to a shocking incident that will change the dynamics of the Dillon family once again.

Seán advises Gareth to focus on hiring a personal trainer to save the fortunes of the gym. A new face rocks up to Carrigstown to be interviewed for the position of personal trainer at the gym, that Gareth would really wish he didn’t, enter Fergal Boyle, Gareth’s estranged brother. Desperate to keep the business afloat he allows Fergal to be interviewed for the job.

The community comes together in McCoys to reminisce about old times in their local boozer and Pete refuses to allow some soulless chain brand to buy the boozer and vows to save it and proposes a consortium to save McCoys.

Cast includes

  • Joe Hanley as Hughie Phelan
  • Bryan Murray as Bob Charles
  • Martina Stanley as Dolores Molloy
  • Enda Oates as Pete Ferguson
  • Úna Crawford-O’Brien as Renée Phelan
  • Shane Quigley-Murphy as Gareth Boyle
  • Aisling O’Neill as Carol Foley
  • Geoff Minogue as Tommy Dillon
  • Stephen O’Leary as Zak Dillon
  • Ryan Andrews as Seán Cassidy
  • Maria Oxley-Boardman as Dearbhla Dillon

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