It’s a dramatic week with some of the lives in Carrigstown as the stakes are very high between Tommy and Zak, and who will be outwitted, and is this the end of the father/son duo that we know about it?

Meanwhile, Gareth sets Fergal up by getting Seán to pose as a difficult customer at the gym, will Fergal catch on to his brother’s deceit, and will Seán give Fergal a glowing review? Gareth makes it abundantly clear to Fergal that the relationship is strictly professional and agrees to hire him on a trial basis only. Will this save the fortunes of the struggling gym?

The consortium proves to be floundering for some of the residents of Carrigstown trying to save McCoys, as Dolores declares that her and Pete are far to busy to be involved in the project. The first meeting of the consortium turns out to be a disaster as Renée and Dolores continues to butt heads, will they agree to be cordial to help save McCoys, only time will tell?

There’s disaster on the streets of Carrigstown, when Olivia walks out of the house and goes on walkabouts, will she be found in time, causing anxiety for Sash and Tommy. Further developments later, sees Anna become very suspicious of Gwen why she’s always hanging around, will she get to the bottom of why Gwen is dropping in and out?

Fair City airs on RTE One, Sunday (8pm), Tuesday (8pm), Thursday (8.30pm) and Friday (7.30pm)

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