Tony is giving an Entrepreneur workshop as part of the Earl of Dee challenge alongside Tom and Yazz. Darren and Shing Lin are shocked to discover that Charlie has applied for music college. At home, Charlie gets excited about the prospect of going to his dream college, but when he goes to find his phone, Darren voices his concerns to Shing Lin about Charlie’s mental health taking a turn for the worse if things don’t go to plan with his grades.

Charlie rushes out of school bumping into the news reporter. In the park Felix comes across Charlie and the teen opens up on his struggles inside his head, Felix offers him help but Charlie pushes him away. Darren confides in Tony about how he’s toying with the idea of using his anxiety medication on the teen. Darren offers Charlie one of his tablets, the teen refuses, saying he shouldn’t have to need them. Nancy leaves Charlie a voicemail saying how proud she is of him regardless of his grades, but Charlie isn’t in possession of his phone… somebody else is.

With Charlie struggling, Shing Lin decides she should move back into Dave’s place. Jack takes a funny turn and Darren calls an ambulance. Charlie tries to explain to Shing Lin what he’s struggling with inside his head. The pair are interrupted when Shing Lin receives a text alerting them that Jack is in the hospital.

Hollyoaks airs at 6:30pm, weeknights on Channel 4

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