Monday, August 21st, 2023 on Channel 4 at 6:30pm

Peri pleads with Donna-Marie to get clean and tells her it’s not just her life it’s ruining… Later when Peri finds a dealer with Donna-Marie in the gym she reminds the mum of how much life she has to live. At Juliet’s grave, Donna-Marie tells her late daughter that she’s trying.

Rayne has her sights set on getting signed by influencer manager Faye who is coming for the One Person Can event on behalf of Gwen Taquwin that’s being held at The Love Boat and uses this as an excuse to stop Romeo from trying to reach out to Peri regarding his mum. Prince is struggling after being forced to move back in with his family, Peri lets him know she doesn’t believe Rayne’s accusations and encourages him to speak to Lizzie, who backs up his story of only buying a couple of drinks, but things turn ugly when Romeo sees him and Hunter at The Love Boat… However when Faye seems to like the drama more than the original event, Rayne is inspired and her and Romeo give the attendees a show. Romeo and Rayne are made up when their plan works, and Faye lets them know she’ll be her manager…

Lizzie is annoyed that she can’t do more to help climate change and realising that Rayne isn’t actually contributing anything beneficial to the cause Gwen teams up with Lizzie to start #MakeThemChange campaign aimed at the decision makers and people in power.

Nadira offers Lacey some help. Knowing Nadira likes Lacey Ste suggests they help each other so she can get some time with her. James tells Lacey not to mix business and pleasure when she’s caught messaging during work. Ste and Nadira bring James and Lacey food and Ste convinces his husband they both deserve a break. Lacey and Nadira grow closer over Pizza.

When Dave delivers a package to Cindy she invites him to stay to watch trashy TV together, but when Cindy finds herself getting closer to him she stops herself.

By Eastieoaks

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