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Concerned whether her feelings for Dave are real or just urges, Cindy turns to Diane but when Dave pops by to drop off a Shepherds pie, Diane gives the pair a push by texting him from Cindy inviting him over for lunch. The two grow closer and Cindy asks if he’d like to stay for pudding, but things don’t go well when a strip club card falls from Dave’s wallet and Cindy asks him to leave.

A conversation with Zain sparks an idea in Romeo. Romeo tells Rayne and Faye his idea and the influencer manager loves it, however Rayne is concerned about how she’ll afford it. Rayne asks Lacey for money and when it doesn’t go to plan lashes out with hurtful words to her and Nadira. Back at home, Romeo confronts his girlfriend on the way she just spoke to Lacey…

Worried that Rayne is dangerous, Peri and Prince call in James to help dig into her past to protect Romeo. During a walk together Ste and James are taken aback when they oversee an outburst by Rayne towards Lacey and Nadira realising something isn’t right James tells his husband he’s going to figure out what’s going on with the influencer.

Needing a wedding planner to oversee the events booked in with Rafe, Lacey suggests Nadira, telling James she’ll vouch for her to the Earl. Nadira is taken aback to hear the kind things Lacey said to Rafe about her and is encouraged to call him and take on the opportunity.

Lizzie approaches Tony regarding making The Love Boat greener by adding solar panels, but when he says there’s nothing he can do, in protest she sticks herself to the lamppost outside The Dog. Backing Lizzie, Jack and Darren join in her protest sticking themselves to the lamppost too. Not agreeing with their methods but agreeing on the bigger picture Tony agrees to bring it up at the next council meeting.

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