Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023 on Channel 4 at 6:30pm

Wanting Romeo to understand why she lashed out, Rayne opens up to her boyfriend about the childhood trauma she carries around from being bullied. The influencer makes a shock confession and Romeo tells Rayne he doesn’t want to lose her. …Although James is unable to find anything on Rayne, he discovers Brent’s mum suddenly upped and left one day. Peri, Prince, Hunter and James find Cheryl on social media leaving bad comments on Rayne’s profile but they’re quickly deleted… what is Rayne trying to hide?

After all of Ste’s efforts in pushing Lacey and Nadira together, Lacey decides to be true to her feelings and tell Nadira she likes her.

Cindy doesn’t want to compete with young strippers for Dave’s attention and decides she doesn’t need a man, not wanting to leave her on her own in a state Ella calls in Diane. Diane reminds Cindy that Luke would want her to be happy.

Tony is giving an Entrepreneur workshop as part of the Earl of Dee challenge alongside Tom and Yazz. Darren and Shing Lin are shocked to discover that Charlie has applied for music college. At home, Charlie gets excited about the prospect of going to his dream college, but when he goes to find his phone, Darren voices his concerns to Shing Lin about Charlie’s mental health taking a turn for the worse if things don’t go to plan with his grades.

By Eastieoaks

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