Thursday, August 24th, 2023 on Channel 4 at 6:30pm

It’s Hollyoaks High’s GCSE results day… With all the other teens celebrating their results, Mason is deflated after finding out he’s failed maths and worries about his dad’s reaction, and Shing Lin wonders where Charlie is…

Charlie rushes out of school bumping into the news reporter. In the park Felix comes across Charlie and the teen opens up on his struggles inside his head, Felix offers him help but Charlie pushes him away. Darren confides in Tony about how he’s toying with the idea of using his anxiety medication on the teen. Darren offers Charlie one of his tablets, the teen refuses, saying he shouldn’t have to need them. Nancy leaves Charlie a voicemail saying how proud she is of him regardless of his grades, but Charlie isn’t in possession of his phone… somebody else is.

Rayne needs to find the deposit to rent a mansion to help her career comeback and get her and Romeo cast on Love Cave, so she persuades her reluctant boyfriend to ask James. The concerned father voices his worries about his son’s relationship, not wanting to hear it, Romeo walks out. Romeo tells Rayne his dad won’t give him the money and that no one understands her like he does. A phone call Nadira is making about booking something on Rafe’s business card sparks an idea in the influencers mind…

Dave confides in Sam about his worry that he’s blown things with Cindy and his son offers him some advice. Dave reaches out to Cindy by using her favourite movie (Dirty Dancing) as a reference point.

Pearl is throwing a family meal and Warren is invited. When Warren tells the rest of them that Felix isn’t coming, Zoe tries to call him.

By Eastieoaks

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