Friday, August 25th, 2023 on Channel 4 at 6:30pm

With Charlie struggling, Shing Lin decides she should move back into Dave’s place. Jack takes a funny turn and Darren calls an ambulance. Charlie tries to explain to Shing Lin what he’s struggling with inside his head. The pair are interrupted when Shing Lin receives a text alerting them that Jack is in the hospital.

Sharon discovers the reason Felix let down Pearl and the family is because he went out fighting. Felix tells Sharon he’s been taken off the fight books, and Sharon reminds him he should be focusing on all the good in his life. When Warren sees his best friend’s injured face, Felix tells him that he’s out of fighting and has decided to ask Mercedes to move in with him and get a place together. Sharon is excited for them but Warren has concerns. Down at the fight club Felix begs for another fight even if it’s free…

Lacey offers Rayne some advice on how to get Nadira to connect with her. Rayne tries to persuade Nadira to let her use Rafe’s credit card for the holding deposit, saying Faye has offered to cover it but she’s currently away out of reach.

Ella encourages Mason to tell his dad the truth about his exams..

By Eastieoaks

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