Monday 21st August

Nadira offers Lacey some help. Knowing Nadira likes Lacey Ste suggests they help each other so she can get some time with her. James tells Lacey not to mix business and pleasure when she’s caught messaging during work. Ste and Nadira bring James and Lacey food and Ste convinces his husband they both deserve a break. Lacey and Nadira grow closer over Pizza.

Tuesday 22nd August

Needing a wedding planner to oversee the events booked in with Rafe, Lacey suggests Nadira, telling James she’ll vouch for her to the Earl. Nadira is taken aback to hear the kind things Lacey said to Rafe about her and is encouraged to call him and take on the opportunity.

Wednesday 23rd August

After all of Ste’s efforts in pushing Lacey and Nadira together, Lacey decides to be true to her feelings and tell Nadira she likes her.

Thursday 24th August

Rayne needs to find the deposit to rent a mansion to help her career comeback and get her and Romeo cast on Love Cave, so she persuades her reluctant boyfriend to ask James. The concerned father voices his worries about his son’s relationship, not wanting to hear it, Romeo walks out. Romeo tells Rayne his dad won’t give him the money and that no one understands her like he does. A phone call Nadira is making about booking something on Rafe’s business card sparks an idea in the influencers mind…

Friday 25th August

Lacey offers Rayne some advice on how to get Nadira to connect with her. Rayne tries to persuade Nadira to let her use Rafe’s credit card for the holding deposit, saying Faye has offered to cover it but she’s currently away out of reach.

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