Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Felicity is suffering from her assault, and not knowing the identity of her attacker is ripping her apart. Tane and Eden praise her for attending counselling, but Felicity is frustrated at the lack of progress. Instead, she feels a need to enact vengeance on her attacker, and that can only happen if she can remember who he is.

An irate Alf presses Marilyn about the events leading up to the explosion. Of course he’s upset that Roo’s struggling in hospital. But he’s also disappointed Marilyn didn’t ask for his help when she needed it. Maybe if she’d reached out, he could have done something to avoid this whole flamin’ situation.

Xander and Kate have spent the night together, and Rose catches them out. Xander admits his complicated feelings around Jamie’s death have him acting out of character, and he admits to Rose and to himself that he’s not okay. He decides the best path forward is for he and Kate to spend time apart and both process their grief.

Mali is attempting to keep hidden the side-effects he is experience from the explosion. But his unsteadiness and jolts of pain are not improving. He is determined to push through it at the board shop. He can’t afford any more time off, and he’s eager to prove he is recovered. Mali gears up and heads into the surf, but it only takes one wipe-out for Mali to suddenly be battling to keep his head above water.

By Eastieoaks

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