Wednesday, August 16th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

A battered Mali is helped out of the surf by Tane and Mackenzie. Mali acknowledges he’ll steer clear of the water for now, but without teaching surfing lessons he won’t be able to make rent. A grateful Alf comes by to thank Mali for his heroism during the explosion and if there’s anything he can ever do, just knock on his door. Mackenzie argues it’s the perfect solution, but Mali is stubborn. He’d never be comfortable asking Alf to put a hold on the rent. But Mali doesn’t have a plan B.

Felicity knocks on Cash’s office door, demanding he allow her to trawl through the footage herself from the event where she was assaulted. A reluctant Cash gives her access but calls in Tane to stop her. She’s not in the right state of mind for this. Felicity is furious. She wants to do it without anyone holding her hand. She lashes out at both Cash and Tane to let her try. But Felicity is getting nowhere and spinning in circles. She’s scared this is never going to end. When he’s alone, Cash is battling to contain his rage at the situation.

It’s welcome news for Marilyn that the CEO from Stunning Organics is pleading guilty. Marilyn is relieved this part is over, but hurt that Roo continues to pay the price. A new headline in the newspaper soon reveals that Stunning Organics has a new CEO, and they continue to trade as normal. Alf and Marilyn are appalled. It’s back to business as usual for those grubs.

By Eastieoaks

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